About Us

Proarganics Australia is an Australian company based in Victoria. We import 100% pure organic argan oil directly from the manufacturer in Morocco, so you can be assured of the purity and quality of the oil.

We are committed to fair trade and an organic and eco-friendly process of extracting and producing the argan oil.

Organic & Eco-Friendly

Fruit from the argan tree

Fruit from the argan tree

Firstly, every part of the organic, wild harvest is used. It is not just the oil-producing kernels which are valuable; the outer pulp is fed to goats, the broken nut shells are used as cooking fuel, and the dough from oil extraction is turned into cattle feed. Nothing goes to waste!

Secondly, the economic stimulus from the oil increases the value of each and every tree, ensuring that the forest will be well cared for in its stand against desertification well into the future.

In 1998, UNESCO listed the argan forest region in southwest Morocco a biosphere reserve.

Fair Trade

A semi-mechanised process is used to produce the argan oil, which harmonises traditional know-how and modern technology, providing a superior quality oil.

Argan nuts

While the processing of the oil takes place in a production plant to ensure the highest standards possible, every litre first requires two days of work at the hands of women who have learnt the generational secret of preparing the raw product.

Prior to the pressing of the oil, there is much work to be done in harvesting, hand sorting and cracking the notoriously hard nut in order to gain the valuable argan kernels which contain up to 50% oil content.

The traditional way to produce the oil – by hand pressing – introduces water to the paste in order to separate the oil from the paste, which potentially introduces bacteria. It is for this reason that machines are used to extract the oil and do not introduce water to the raw product, resulting in superior quality and longer shelf life of the oil.

The whole manufacturing process directly benefits the rural women of Morocco and their families, providing necessary income to a disadvantaged segment of the population.

Proarganics Products

We sell 100% Pure Cosmetic Moroccan Argan Oil and a range of other products that contain a high percentage of Moroccan argan oil. They are beautifully presented and make excellent gifts.

We are also developing other argan oil based products to cater to the specific needs of the Australian market.

Proarganics Moroccan argan oil products are currently sold in select pharmacies and locations across Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. Find out where you can buy these exquisite products.

We hope to make online sales of our products available soon.

Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing or retailing our top-grade argan oil products.